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LuJoSoft ImagePlus


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LuJoSoft ImagePlus

ImagePlus is a simple but powerful tool to manipulate image without opening any application. ImagePlus work with the use of the windows context menu and without any background process running.

Available function:
  • You will be able to resize to any given width or hight.
  • Change the image format to any other format you choose.
  • Create a grayscale of any image.
  • Upload the image to imgur.
Here is an example output of grayscale of a png image
System requirement:
  • Net framework 4.5
How to use:
Simply download this portable app and put it where ever you want.
Then for the first time run the app as admin if you don't do that it won't work.
This is the last time you will have to do this unless you change the exe of place.
To use just right click on any image and use ImagePlus menu

To uninstall or move the program
  • Unregister the program, just run the program as admin again.
  • Move the program where you want and register it again.
  • If uninstalling then just delete it.

New download page

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Any donation will help click here please.

Have a nice day :103:
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